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It's time to heal from within and live your life

In Aramaic it means
"be opened" or
"be healed"

You were built to withstand the trials that you have faced and are facing. There is hope and you have strength within you. As we partner through counseling, we will find your strength together

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Client Services


~45-55 minute sessions that provide an in-depth root therapy regarding emotions, thinking patterns and coping skills. Customized (non-cookie cutter) therapy techniques, unbiased, neutral support.

$150 per individual session with insurance.

$150 Private Pay Rate

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Women of all backgrounds, races and religions.

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Young ladies between 8 and 17

teen Therapy

~45 minute sessions that provide down-to-earth and age appropriate therapy that addresses concerns that adolescents have regarding family, friends, future endeavors, depression, anxiety, relationships, and much more.

*** First Session Free***

$150 per individual session without insurance.

conflict resolution

These 60 minute sessions allow 2 individuals to participate in therapeutic conflict resolution sessions. In sessions, individuals will be able to settle relationship issues between the 2 of them for the purpose of clear/effective communication, healing and forgiveness.

$250 per session

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2 Individuals that desire to resolve conflict or want to solve problems in a civil and respectful manner.


60 minute sessions that provide communication facilitation between individuals in a couple or family relationship.

This service provides an in-depth evaluation to understand the clients for the purpose of getting to know the clients and better understand each perspective.

$250 per session

Mother in law & Daughter in Law Resolution

Are you a mother-in-law that would like to re-develop your relationship with your daughter-in-law? Are you a daughter-in-law that would like to begin healing a damaged relationship with your mother-in-law? Look no further. In our resolution sessions we will journey down the path of healing, reconciliation, problem solving, forgiveness, peace and so much more. Sign up today to start down the path of healing. 


$250 per session (Insurance can be used to help cover the costs)

Emotional support Animal

An emotional support letter can be provided once a client has completed (and submitted payment) for 2 individual sessions to determine eligibility for a letter for a emotional support animal.

$50 for the letter + cost of 2 individual therapy sessions.

Therapist Services


Supervision Services

This service is for Limited Licensed Professional Counselors (LLPCs) that are looking to gain their full Licensed Professional Counselor credential through obtained hours of supervision. This virtual opportunity allows individuals or groups to interact, consult, gain knowledge and grow alongside an LPC that has the supervision credential. Once a LLPC has completed their hours, we will assist in completing the necessary paperwork to become an LPC with the State of Michigan.

$25/Month for a group of 2 or more/Bi-weekly Meetings 

$40/Month for Individuals/Bi-weekly Meetings


Therapy for the Therapist

Are you a therapist in need of therapy? Whether it is for your own personal life or your need to vent about your role in society as a therapist, we are here for you. It is so healthy when you air out your heart. Therapists need a safe place too. So what are you waiting for? Sign up for your own therapy and you’ll be glad you did!

$150 per individual session with insurance.

$150 Private Pay Rate

$50/Bi-weekly for a group session of 2 or more 


Therapist Mentorship

Are you looking to start your own practice or maintain the one you have already started? Are you looking for guidance, advice or best practices that will improve the business side of your practice? Well look no further. Our 3-Session bundle is exactly what you need. We offer a free consultation where we learn what your goals are and the current status you have obtained as a therapist. After the free consultation we develop 3-custom enrichment sessions to grow you and provide you with the tools you need to reach your goals. Topics include: LLPC to LPC, LLC/ Business Incorporation, Business Finance, Passive Income, Marketing, Insurance & Private Pay, Telehealth/In-Person, and so much more. Interested? Sign up today.

$150 3-Session Bundle

Or $65 per Enrichment Session

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